National Association of Speed~Agility~Quickness

NASAQ is made up of doctors, professional athletes, community leaders and coaches.  NASAQ's primary focus is to expand and educate the athlete, coach, trainer and parent about the importance and the benefits of developing and improving the Speed, Agility and Quickness for all athletes.  Athletic skills are specialized skills that can be taught to all participants through proper instruction, rehearsal and practice. 

NASAQ's existence is designed to foster learning and to further enhance and improve the knowledge base of the instructor candidate.  The goal is to provide young athletes sound and safe instructions, techniques, and drills to help improve overall speed and agility.

Most athletes already understand the virtues of hard work and 100% effort.  What they mostly lack is knowing HOW to run faster and HOW to move quicker.  Athletes need to know what body part to move, where to move that body part and when to move that body part into form in order to accomplish as specific skill.  Our focus here is to expand the knowledge base of each instructor candidate and provide the tools to teach, coach, and train speed and movement efficiency for any sport.

Helping Athletes around the World through Speed~Agility~Quickness

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 leader is not afraid to develop people to the point 
they surpass him or her in knowledge and ability.” 

- Fred A. Manske, Jr

National Association of
Speed ~ Agility ~ Quickness

NASAQ is an association comprised of former elite and professional athletes, tenured coaches, and community leaders who have a passion for working with and mentoring our young athletes.

They Serve as mentors and role models that inspire youth through a history of accomplishments in sports, education and life.

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing.”  -Albert Schweitzer

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