Become a Speed, Agility and Quickness Trainer!
(or just learn new skills, great drills and amazing tricks for your team)

Our SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness) program is for coaches, trainers, want-to-be trainers and other professionals who want
to expand or start their careers in sports and speed training.  It is also for athletes who want to improve their sports performance. This program is focused on coaches, trainers and athletes who work in sports such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, football, soccer, track & field, and lacrosse. This is a very unique program that will not only teach you how to create Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) training programs with little or no equipment, but through video as well!

The NASAQ goal is to help and assist on an ongoing basis motivated professionals that have a passion for working with young athletes.  We strive to provide general and specific knowledge designed to develop and improve the practical teaching skills and techniques of the speed training instructor candidate.

Mastery of this material will demonstrate that the instructor candidate understands how to assess, implement and apply actual and practical instruction to help young athletes run faster, run easier, and think more clearly while in motion.

Get Started Today!  You can be a SAQ trainer in less than a month!

NASAQ Certification

On-Line NASAQ Speed Training Certification

1.  Speed:  How to Run Faster Immediately (Manual)

2.  Written Examination (includes but not limited to the following areas)
    • Personality Profile and Assessment
    • Warm Up and Technical Drills
    • Sport Speed Training Drills and Conditioning
    • Aerobic and Anaerobic Work
    • General Human Anatomy
    • General Body Type
    • General and Youth Psychology
    • Common Sports Injuries
    • Safety and Emergency Evaluations

    3.  Video Training and Analysis (no other SAQ Certification has video analysis training!)

    4.  CPR Certification (optional for an additional $70 - $110)

      On-Line Certification Fee:  $289 - Many certified speed trainers can make that in day!

      Application Information

      You are on your way to a new career, or expanding your current one!  Please fill out the form and press submit.  If you've submitted payment, we will email you your application and study materials within 24 hours.

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      Become Certified Today!
        SPECIAL $599 for Full Certification
      (regular $698)

      Level 1 - $299
      The Body:  Anatomy, Physiology, Sports Training

      Level 2 - $399 
      The Mind:  The Psychology of Speed, Agility & Quickness, Sports Psychology

      Full Certification - $599
       Includes both levels

      Certification Level

      Program Details

      • 20 years of age or older
      • Two years youth coaching experience &/or
      • Two years active athlete in an organized sport
      • High School education (University recommended)
      • Have a working knowledge of the different American youth sports
      • Passion for helping our youth using positive coaching methods
      • Be physically able and mentally healthy for indoor and outdoor physical activities
      Learning Format:
      Once your application has been approved, The NASAQ Training Manual with over 15 training videos will be emailed to you. You will have 3 weeks to study and review.  You may contact us with questions during this time (in fact, contact us anytime, we are here to help!).

      Exam Time:
      After 3 weeks of material review, you will be given the full examination.  You must complete this within 90 days. (But I'm sure you can do it in a week or so!).

      Level 1 - The Body: $299

      Level 2 - The Brain: $399

      Level 3 - Full Certification $599 - Recommended

      SAQ Certification
      After you pass the test, you will receive a NASAQ Speed, Agility and Quickness Training Certificate. 

      Now you are ready to start your training business or help your current athletes get faster!

      “A good coach will make his players see what they can become
      rather than what they are.”

      -Ara Parseghian

      Contact Us
      if you have any questions!

      If you want other SAQ certification options, just let us know. 
      We believe this this one is the best, but if you'd like other options, we're happy to help. 
      We want what's best for you and the young athletes of world!


      Are you or your child a high school student? 
      Does he/she need to add knowledge and certifications to your college application? 
      Contact us for information on our NASAQ certification course for high schoolers! 
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