NASAQ - National Association of Speed ~ Agility ~ Quickness
is an association comprised of former elite and professional athletes, tenured coaches, and community leaders who have a passion for working with and mentoring our young athletes.

We strive to:

  • Provide and strengthen the link between the athlete, parent, coach and successful elite athlete. 
  • Provide  opinions and a vast network of shared experiences for increased consciousness, practical use and to assist with helping our young athletes improve themselves and athletic abilities.
  • Show how and why speed is so important and beneficial: How it fosters self-confidence and emotional growth in our young students/athletes.
  • Serve as a clearing house of SAQ information through research, examination and sharing of the latest trends, studies, teaching techniques and devices that help the understanding of speed, agility and quickness.
  • Provide awareness to a vast networking and referral system regarding programs to help enhance the athlete's speed of play and overall enjoyment of their sport and positions within that sport.
  • Serve as mentors and roll models that inspire youth through a history of accomplishments in sports, education and life.
"Nobody can do everything,
but everyone can do something"

NASAQ is made up of doctors, professional athletes, community leaders and coaches.  The advisory board consists of former NFL players (Super Bowl Champs!), MLB players, Professional Soccer players, and Olympic Track & Field coaches.  They are highly educated (MD's, MBA's, BS in Exercise Physiology, and more).  They are community leaders, scholarship providers, scouts, and experts in their fields.  Through NASAQ, they are giving back to the community that has helped them for so many years.

The Advisory Board

Stefan Humphries, M.D., MBA – Professional Football

Stefan brings a whole new meaning to the word “over-achiever”.  He’s a Doctor, Businessman, Scholar (MBA and BioEngineering Degrees) and former Pro Football Player (offensive lineman for the Denver Broncos and the Superbowl XX Champion Chicago Bears).  

Tyrone Keys – Professional Football

Tyrone “makes a difference”.  He is the founder of “All Sports Community Service, Inc.”, a non-profit mentoring and scholarship organization dedicated to helping challenged youth achieve their dream of attending college.  Formerly, he was a defensive end for the New York Jets and the Chicago Bears XX Super Bowl Championship team. 

Jacques LaDouceur – Professional Soccer

Jacques is in inspiration to us all.  He rose from abject poverty in Haiti to the highest level of professional soccer in the world.  

Rich Krysiak - Professional Baseball

Need to know about baseball?  Just ask Rich. Not only is he a former professional player for the Chicago White Sox for several years, but after leaving Chicago, he became a Cincinnati Reds Scout.  He continues today to help baseball players and youth “get to the next level”. 

Sam Lapray - Track & Field

Track & Field?  You got it.  Sam’s the Man!  Sam is the Director of the TrackTown USA Project Management Team in Eugene, Oregon.  Hayward Field? Nike? Ring a bell? 

Kenneth Taylor - Professional Football, Track & Field

Trained thousands of PRO, college and youth athletes for over 20 years. He played for the "Da Bears" '85 Super Bowl team & the San Diego Chargers. 

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